“Acts of God” – How Car Hire Excess Insurance Can Help

Thankfully, extreme weather is pretty rare across much of Europe. However, where ever you are in the world, there’s a small risk that mother nature will lose her temper and conjure up hailstones the size of golf balls, huge gales and a whole host of other perilous conditions. Naturally, you’ll always try to avoid driving in these conditions but damage to car windscreens and body work is sometimes unavoidable. So what would happen if something beyond your control happens to your hire car?

An Act of God is generally defined as "an instance of uncontrollable natural forces in operation" (Oxford English Dictionary). In the most extreme sense, this could take the form of a hurricane, flood or earthquake. However, more moderate acts, such as freak hail storms and debris from high winds can still come under this category. So, what do ‘acts of God’ mean for your car hire insurance? We’ve put together some tips to make sure you’re covered.

As with so many insurance topics, the first place to look is the terms and conditions. Some car hire companies will cover "Acts of God" or "acts of nature" in their standard agreements. As rare as these unforeseen events are, it's always worth checking the terms and conditions or asking at the desk when you pick up the vehicle.

The flip side is of course that some car hire companies don’t cover acts of God and (as unfair as it may seem) deem them to be your fault. In this instance you’ll be liable for the excess charge (if their insurance covers it) or full repair (if their insurance does not). And remember, most rental companies don't cover damage to the windows, roof, undercarriage and tyres – which is why a car hire excess policy is so important in these instances.

Your insurance4carhire.com policy does cover damage to the windows, roof, undercarriage and tyres. If any of these parts of the car are damaged by an "Act of God", your car hire insurance policy will cover the cost of the repair (up to £6500 during any one period of insurance). Plus, if your rental car is damaged and it is already covered by your standard car hire agreement (for example, the bumpers) but you’re still liable to pay the excess payment, insurance4carhire.com will reimburse this cost.