The Best Apps for Road Trips

You’ve booked your rental car, chosen your insurance4carhire car hire excess insurance policy and are ready to hit the road. We’ve put together a list of useful apps to keep you on the right track.


The road trip simplifier; "Use real dates, find interesting places, book hotels with ease."

Furkot allows users to plan road trips, inputting routes - including how long they'll take to drive, depending on whether you're planning on a quick drive through or a leisurely pace, accommodation and even restaurant options. 


Tripit allows you to keep your travel itinerary in one place and is particularly useful for keeping track of flight information and hotel reservations. You can simply send flight and hotel booking confirmation emails to a dedicated email address and they will be automatically added to your Tripit account. 

Google Maps

Never get lost again! If you’re not a confident map reader, Google Maps will even give you turn-by-turn navigation, meaning you can save money on renting a sat-nav from the rental company, just don’t forget about your network’s data charges when you’re abroad.

If you’re using Google maps while driving, it’s advisable to have your device in a holder so that you can see it without having to hold it or take your eyes off the road. Alternatively, ask one of your passengers to guide you using the app.


Download audio books to your device. Choose from over 60,000 titles and download yourself a mini library before you head off. Then simply hook your device up to your car stereo and listen to your favourite book while you drive. It’s also a great way to keep the kids quiet and entertained in the back either by having them listen to it through headphones on your device or (if you’re very tolerant!) out loud on the car stereo.


Steam over a million songs directly to your device. However, be sure to check your data plan, especially as roaming costs can be significantly higher abroad. If you pay for a monthly subscription, you can use the app in offline mode - provided you've pre-downloaded a playlist or two. A free account means no listening offline and regular ad breaks. 

Car Locator AR

One problem with hiring a car is that you might forget what it looks like, making finding your car a problem. Car Finder AR is one of many apps that help you remember where you’ve parked. The app uses augmented reality to allow you to use the camera as a viewfinder, overlaying your view with an icon, telling you how far away it is. It will also provide you with walking directions and handy timed reminders so you don’t risk getting a ticket.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has a series of popular city guides "packed with tips and advice from on-the-ground experts" to use offline. 

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