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What do you need to know before travelling to Germany?

Like many European countries, the legal driving age for Germany is 18, so even if you have a full UK licence at the age of 17, you will be unable to drive there. It is essential that you have your driving licence with you at all times when driving, as well as your car hire insurance documents. Should your licence not include a photograph, have your passport to hand as this will validate the licence.

Driving on the Autobahn

The Autobahn (German for ‘motorway’) is one of Germany’s famous attractions. These roads are among the densest and longest road systems in the world. The 8,026 mile stretch has no speed limit - however, it is advised to not exceed 130km/h. 

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What are the driving laws in Germany?

Most driving offences in Germany are subject to fines, including running our of fuel whilst driving on the Autobahn. If you do fall foul of a driving offence, always make sure the officer issues you an official receipt when you hand over your Euros.

Themed roads in Germany

Take a drive down one of Germany’s 80 themed highways for something a little different. Choose from the German Castle Road, Fairy Tale Road or the most well know, Romantic Road. This 261 mile route will take you from the heart of Germany’s wine country, through picturesque Bavarian villages and in to the foothills of the Alps. Make sure you schedule in plenty of time to explore each route and take advantage of the stunning photo opportunities.

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More information about driving in Germany

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