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Hiring cars around the world? Avoid paying for your car hire excess insurance each time at the rental desk with our Annual Worldwide car hire excess insurance. This policy can be purchased as early as 364 days in advance, right up until before you collect your car.

If your hire car is damaged or stolen - and you need to make a claim with your car rental company - simply pay the excess and then claim it back with insurance4carhire.

What does this policy cover?

What's included

Below is a summary of the key features and benefits of our car hire excess policy.

For full details, please see the policy wording.

  • The excess on damage and theft up to a maximum of £6,500 cover in total, per year
  • Drivers aged between 21 and 85 inclusive
  • Cover for up to seven additional drivers (so long as they’re named in your rental agreement)
  • Rental periods of up to 60 consecutive days
  • Misfuelling and car key cover – each up to £500 per claim (max. £2,000 per year)
  • Flat battery cover up to £1,000 per year
  • Late pick-up charges due to unscheduled flight delays
  • Cover for your courtesy car (the vehicle loaned to you while your rental car is being repaired, or if your own car is in the garage and you’re given a courtesy car).

What's not included

Below are some of the key exclusions you need to be aware of.

Full details can be found in the policy wording.

  • Car rentals in which the insurance4carhire policy holder is not the lead driver on the rental agreement
  • Policies purchased after the collection of your rental vehicle
  • Cover for off-road driving
  • Commercial vehicles, motorbikes, camper vans, mobile homes, vans or any vehicle with more than nine seats
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI). Most rental policies include this, but some (notably in the US) do not. If you need CDW and SLI cover, visit our Annual Worldwide Plus CDW & SLI page
  • Cover for policyholders that are not resident in the UK, Channel Islands, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, Republic of Ireland or Germany.

Worldwide Car Hire Excess Insurance FAQs

What is Annual Worldwide car hire excess insurance?

Our Annual Worldwide policy is a multi-trip car hire excess insurance policy designed to cover your car rentals worldwide. Note that this excludes driving in: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the region of Crimea, Sudan and Syria.

How does Annual Worldwide car hire excess insurance work?

Annual Worldwide car hire excess insurance could save you money if you have an accident and damage your hire car. Car rental companies often include a high excess if you need to make a claim. An annual car hire excess policy will reimburse you for this excess for as many car rentals as you make within the year, up to £6,500.

If I’m a named driver on a hire car, and not the lead (primary) driver, am I still covered?

If the lead driver is an insurance4carhire policy holder, you will be covered. If the lead driver is not a policy holder, you will not be covered, even if you yourself are a policy holder. To be covered by insurance4carhire, the lead driver must always be a policy holder.

Is collision damage waiver insurance included in my Worldwide Excess Insurance policy?

This policy is purely for car hire excess insurance, which means that Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is not included. CDW is a separate type of cover which is often included as standard when you rent a car. However, in some countries (such as the US and Canada) it is common for CDW not to be covered as standard. If you require CDW cover, please visit our Annual Worldwide Plus CDW & SLI page.

What is meant by a 'Joint' policy?

A 'Joint' policy, formerly known as a 'Family and Partners' policy, is an add-on available with the Annual Worldwide and Annual Europe car hire excess policies which gives lead driver status to two people. It is essentially no different to a discount for buying two policies for two people living at the same address*. You will be given the option to select this cover during the quote and buy journey.

*The two Joint policy policyholders must be related in one of the following ways: by marriage, civil partnership, engagement, parent-child, child-in-law, parent-in-law, sibling, sibling-in-law.

Is Collision Damage Waiver insurance included in my Worldwide Excess insurance policy?

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is not included in our Worldwide Excess policy. If you require CDW, we offer an annual product which includes three covers under one policy: car hire excess insurance, CDW and Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI). Please visit our Worldwide Plus CDW & SLI page to find out more.

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